Is Your Cleaning Company Missing the Mark?

What is “clean” anyways? Sometimes it is obvious that a cleaning company is not living up to expectations, while other times, it can be a bit nebulous. In this article, we hope to provide information to help you and your cleaning company establish meaningful expectations. Additionally, we will give some […]

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Comparing Apples to Oranges

Have you ever received cleaning service proposals that are significantly different in their pricing? It is not uncommon to have multiple janitorial services proposals with significant variances in pricing. Why does this occur? In most cases, the variance is due to each cleaning company’s estimation of the number of staff […]

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3 Reasons Why Janitorial Wages Matter

When a facility manager or MRO buyer is contemplating a new janitorial vendor, the most important item in the proposal is the janitorial wages. If the wages are wrong the proposed price will be drastically different than the reality. And when this happens, no one’s toilets get cleaned. The cost […]

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What is the Purpose of a Site Visit?

An important step in the commercial cleaning sales process is the site visit or facility tour. While it is possible to receive a reasonable proposal from a commercial cleaning company without this step, allowing a potential cleaning vendor to lay eyes on your building will produce better results. In this […]

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Custodial Startup Truths

Truth #1: It Takes Time to Hire the “Right” Team A common misconception is that a janitorial company is like a staffing agency. People tend to believe that we always have a large pool of people in our employment pipeline, and as such, can almost instantly pull together a team […]

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