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Does Your Commercial Cleaning Service Purchase their Cleaning Supplies from Walmart.

4 Ways to Know You Are Dealing with a Professionally Run Janitorial Company

Choosing a janitorial service for your business involves more than just looking at the price and the basic services they offer. One often overlooked detail is where they purchase their cleaning supplies. This seemingly minor factor can actually be a significant indicator of the professionalism and quality of the service you receive. Here’s how to tell if you’re dealing with a top-notch janitorial company.

1. Customer-Centric Service Delivery Model

A professional janitorial company focuses on meeting each client’s unique needs. They have a structured service delivery model that ensures:

  • High-Quality Work: They follow set procedures to maintain cleanliness consistently.
  • Quick Issue Resolution: They promptly address any service problems that arise.
  • Proactive Suggestions: They offer advice to improve the appearance and hygiene of your facility.

This structured approach ensures that the cleaning service is reliable, efficient, and tailored to your specific requirements, unlike companies that take an ad-hoc approach.


2. Appropriately Paid Team Members

One of the key signs of a professional janitorial service is how they treat their employees. A reputable company

  • Fair Wages: Pays their cleaning staff fairly and offers benefits.
  • Employee Recognition: Values the hard work and dedication of their team members.

    When employees are well-compensated and appreciated, they are more motivated and take pride in their work, leading to higher-quality service for your business.

3. Sound Hiring, Recruiting, and Onboarding Process

A competent cleaning team isn’t just hired off the street. Professional janitorial companies have thorough processes in place to ensure they hire the best:

  • Rigorous Hiring: They carefully select candidates who have the right skills and work ethic.
  • Background Checks: Conduct thorough background checks to ensure reliability.
  • Training Programs: Provide comprehensive training to equip their staff with the necessary skills.
  • Ongoing Support: Offer continuous support and development opportunities for their employees.


These processes help build a reliable and skilled cleaning team that can deliver exceptional results consistently.

4. Professional Tools and Equipment

The effectiveness of a cleaning service also depends on the tools and equipment they use. Professional janitorial companies invest in:


  • Commercial-Grade Supplies: High-quality, commercial-grade cleaning products that are more effective for business environments.
  • Advanced Tools and Equipment: Modern tools and machinery designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.


Retail store supplies might work for home cleaning, but they often can’t handle the demands of a commercial setting. Using the right tools ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in your facility.


In conclusion, choosing a janitorial service for your business is a critical decision that affects the cleanliness and appearance of your workplace. By paying attention to these four indicators, you can ensure that you are partnering with a professional, reliable, and high-quality cleaning service. Remember, the best janitorial companies don’t just clean—they provide a service that enhances your entire business environment.