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4 Key Questions for Your Cleaning Company Search

Finding a new cleaning company can be a time-consuming and demanding process. What if their performance doesn’t meet expectations? What if the initial experience proves to be less than satisfactory? What if the problems intensify, resulting in more complaints than what you experienced with your previous janitorial service provider? You are in search of a vendor who can provide the best chance of a trouble-free cleaning service, aiming to ease your worries.

Here are some essential questions you should ask any prospective janitorial company. While these inquiries may not provide a comprehensive overview, they serve as valuable indicators for evaluating the suitability of vendors in maintaining the cleanliness of your facility.

1. Could you share your strategy for recruiting and training team members? How much do you pay?

The quality of cleaning in your facility hinges largely on the competence of the individuals performing the tasks. Therefore, it is important to have confidence in your chosen vendor’s ability to identify and hire highly skilled workers, provide them with fair compensation, and offer comprehensive training. A company with a well-defined process should be poised to answer these questions with confidence. An attractive hourly wage, a thorough hiring process, and robust training are all signals of the positive experience you can anticipate from this vendor.

2. Could you explain your service approach?

A service model is a system utilized by janitorial companies to ensure the level of service you expect. Unfortunately, some companies lack a strong service model; they simply send cleaners and handle complaints reactively. Nonetheless, it’s important to establish elevated expectations to achieve the peace-of-mind service you seek. What will the initial process involve? How frequently will inspections take place? How regularly will an on-site manager be available? Will there be scheduled partnership meetings?

3. Who will oversee the management of our account's service?

Use this inquiry to determine if the janitorial company employs local management. Given the regular presence of a crew at your facility, it’s essential that management is local. Delve deeper to explore their operational setup. Who conducts on-site inspections? Who manages complaints and handles requests for additional work? Who supervises the cleaning staff? A top-notch cleaning company should provide satisfactory responses to these questions.

4. Could you supply references from three companies of similar size?

A respected cleaning company should be willing to offer references open to discussion without hesitation. However, depending solely on references is inadequate. It is advisable to ideally seek references from facilities that closely resemble your own in terms of size and complexity. While a company might excel in servicing a small office building, they may not possess the necessary capabilities to meet the specific requirements of a surgery center or manufacturing plant. If they can provide excellent references from facilities similar to yours, you may have identified an exceptional janitorial company to partner with.