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2 Ways to Save Money on Your Janitorial Program

If you are in charge of the janitorial services at your facility, you are likely in charge of many other services and purchasing decisions. And while I don’t know your specific situation, I suspect you regularly get pressure to cut costs. The competitive business environment of our day requires a constant effort to keep expenses in

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How Long Does It Take for a Cleaning Vendor to Get Started

“When Can You Get Started?” Custodial Startup Truths and How to Avoid Running Out of Toilet Paper When a prospective client reaches out to us, they are generally not pleased with their current cleaning company.  After patiently listening to our “why we think we would be a great partner for your custodial needs” spiel, most prospective

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How Much Does it Cost to Clean Your Building?

It happens almost every time. As we are presenting our proposal for janitorial services, the prospective client will begin to flip through the pages of our proposal to find the page where we have detailed our pricing. Knowing where this cost comes from is very important to facility managers. And if you know what factors drive

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