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How Much Does it Cost to Clean Your Building?

It happens almost every time. As we are presenting our proposal for janitorial services, the prospective client will begin to flip through the pages of our proposal to find the page where we have detailed our pricing. Knowing where this cost comes from is very important to facility managers. And if you know what factors drive

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3 Reasons Why Janitorial Wages Matter

When a facility manager or MRO buyer is contemplating a new janitorial vendor, the most important item in the proposal is the janitorial wages. If the wages are wrong the proposed price will be drastically different than the reality. And when this happens, no one’s toilets get cleaned. The cost of labor is the biggest part

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Why Outsourcing Your Janitorial Service Might Make Sense

1. You Save Money There are many ways outsourcing your cleaning tasks can save you money. For example, the rates of the majority of cleaning services are flexible, determined by the amount of work they will do for you. Instead of paying regular wages to the employees, you can easily adjust your cost and services as

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