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Debunking Popular Myths About Cleaning Companies

There are several common myths about cleaning companies that can lead to poor decisions when hiring a janitorial service. To help you make an informed choice and ensure you get the best service possible, let’s dispel four widespread myths about the cleaning industry.   Myth #1: Bigger Companies Are Always Superior It’s a common belief that

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Where Have The Janitors Gone?

The Janitorial Dilemma: Understanding the Labor Shortage Crisis Navigating the labor market in recent years has proven challenging for many sectors, particularly for industries reliant on lower-wage positions like janitorial services. The ripple effects of a global pandemic have significantly dwindled the workforce in this crucial sector. Let’s explore three pivotal factors that are shaping the

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How to Write a Janitorial RFP

“I Don’t Have Time to Write a Janitorial RFP” How to Write an Effective Janitorial RFP in less than 1 Hour One of the most common barriers keeping companies from making a needed change in janitorial vendors is the time it takes to prepare a request for proposal (RFP). In this article you will find a

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Is your Cleaning Company Complying with Regulations?

In any industry, certain companies may adopt practices that fall short of ethical standards, and the cleaning industry is not immune to this reality. Unfortunately, unjust, or illegal practices are not uncommon in the cleaning field. One prevalent issue involves companies designating their workers as independent contractors to cut costs on taxes. This not only potentially

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Is it possible for us to terminate our janitorial agreement?

Exiting your current janitorial contract: What are your options? Many customers have asked themselves this question, but canceling a service agreement should always be a last resort. However, if the cleaning or service quality has declined significantly, you may have to make a change. Can you get out of your current contract? The answer is not

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4 Key Questions for Your Cleaning Company Search

Finding a new cleaning company can be a time-consuming and demanding process. What if their performance doesn’t meet expectations? What if the initial experience proves to be less than satisfactory? What if the problems intensify, resulting in more complaints than what you experienced with your previous janitorial service provider? You are in search of a vendor

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I Need a New Cleaning Company

4 Steps to Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning Company   Finding the right cleaning company for your facility can help you become more productive and offer peace of mind. In this article, we share four steps to help you find the right commercial cleaning company for your business. Step #1 – Find a Local Cleaning Company

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Did they clean your desk with a toilet rag?

After reading this article, you will not be able to unknow what you are about to learn. So proceed with caution. Here is the startling truth: unless your cleaning company has a standard process for cleaning combined with a quality training program, the rags used to clean the bathrooms may be used to clean your desk.

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