Reliable Cleaning Commercial Janitorial Services

Custodial Startup Truths

Truth #1: It Takes Time to Hire the "Right” Team

A common misconception is that a janitorial company is like a staffing agency. People tend to believe that we always have a large pool of people in our employment pipeline, and as such, can almost instantly pull together a team of people. That is simply not the case. Instead, we must consider the appropriate mix of male and female team members and of part-time and full-time people needed for each customer, and then begin our recruiting efforts.

Truth #2: Janitorial Work is Not Complex, But Does Require a Good Plan

Performing janitorial work effectively and efficiently requires a sound work plan that provides very specific details about how and when the scope of work will be accomplished. For example, a good work plan will include a cleaning sequence for each team member, checklists, and a variety of other items designed to create consistent results.

Truth #3: Everyone Must Be Trained Properly

The tough thing about janitorial work is that most people think they know how to clean. However, most do not. As such, it is important that each team member knows how to use equipment properly, what types of chemicals can be used on specific surfaces, how to sweep/mop/dust effectively and efficiently, and how to work safely.

SO...... When Can You Get Started?

No sooner than 3 weeks, but most likely at least 4 weeks. In other words, it takes about a

month to find the right people, to get those people properly trained, and establish a good

work plan.