Reliable Cleaning - Our Family

Reliable Cleaning Service, Inc. is a family owned business now in its second generation. Our founder, Jim O’Connor, made his dream a reality in 1976 when he began the company. Beginning Reliable as a small company in his home, he remained dedicated to his mission of providing the very best service possible, and his business quickly grew into one that was well respected within the community. “Founding Reliable Cleaning was my fathers’ dream and it became his vehicle to reach out in love and support to so many people, “says Karen Stephenson, Jim’s daughter and now CEO of Reliable Cleaning. Jim passed away in 2002, but his legacy lives on at Reliable. He cared personally about his clients and became friends with them. Reliable’s current President, Tim Grzeskiewicz echo’s the same pride and commitment that has kept Reliable strong for so many years. We are a business characterized as a company driven by Christian standards of morals and values. We are built upon the golden rule, striving to develop all relationships on integrity and mutual respect.

I grew up in this business. Partly because I had no choice. It started when I was very young, in our living room. The birth of this company was the most signifigant event in my family. It was all we talked about and every spare moment, dollar and resource went toward making it better. Our entire lives revolved around creating and building Reliable Cleaning. I have watched it grow, struggle and heal. We have been blessed with hearing the stories of changed lives because we encouraged people to take pride in what they do here. To care about their customer and believe that the service they are proving is valuable. They can make a difference. We are the invisible operation of many Fort Wayne business, making a visible difference. We take pride in their facility because we take pride in what we do. Thank you for allowing us to be a valuable part of this community as an employer and a service provider.

Karen Stephenson, Owner/CEO

Proud member of the Building Service Contractors Association Intl

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