Reliable Cleaning - Our Fish

Why does a commercial cleaning company have a fish for a logo?

The fish symbolizes, in America, an understanding that the person(s) displaying the fish are Christian.  What does that mean as individuals, and what does that have to do with our company?

  • First, it means that Jesus Christ is God's Son who died in our place so that we may live.  He broke the power of sin, death, hell and the grave and willingly gave His life for us.  Jesus Christ states that it is only through faith in Him that men may be saved and may be restored to fellowship with God and have eternal life.
  • As individuals, we love to share what Jesus has done in our lives.
  • As a company, the fish symbol means several things:
  • That we have nothing; rather, God owns it all and we have been given stewardship over what is His.
  • We will answer to God for how we managed what He has given us.
  • That God is good and He only gives good things.   As a result, what we do is a good thing.
  • That God is the source of our provision, not our customers.  This is huge, because we are then free to serve and to minister.  Our role is to be obedient to what God has called us to do; God's part is to then provide.  (Read Deuteronomy 28 and listen to what God says His role is and what He will do and what our role is).  As a result, we don't need to worry about provision--that is taken care of.  We simply can focus on serving you and meeting your needs.  
  • Because we know that God created every human in His image, we know that we will answer to Him for how we treat you.
  • We are called to do "everything as unto the Lord".  That means that we are to do our best in every endeavor.  We interpret that to mean that we will provide the best education for our employees, the best equipment, the best benefits, and we will give our best to you. Will we miss the mark?  Sure, we all mess up sometimes.  Perfection is impossible to attain this side of heaven, but it is possible to be excellent.  That is what we want to be.

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